Questions and Answers

Q: It's the first time I've been to a "spanking club" - what goes on?

A: Probably less than you are imagining! We are just a group of men, of all ages and backgrounds who share a interest in adult consensual corporal punishment. We are a sociable group, so most of us will probably be stood round chatting over a beer or coke. However, most of us are also there for some fun as well, so you should expect to see plenty of men bending over a bench, or over someones knee being spanked and paddled, or maybe bending over the vaulting horse for some serious caning or straping.

Q. I've never been to a club like this before. Would I be welcome?

A. Yes! We are always happy to welcome newcomers, of ALL ages over 18. We won't bite or hurt you (unless you ask nicely!). You are most welcome just come along and to watch what is going on. If you like what you see, and would like to take part, that's fine. No-one will ever force you to do anything you don't want.

Q. If I do come along, will I be able to find someone to play with?

A. You should be able to. If you make yourself known to one of the organisers (Steve, Dave or Gary), we will show you around, and maybe introduce you to one or two of the others.

Unfortunately most of us have yet to perfect the art of mind reading, so if you see something going on that looks interesting, wait until play has finished, and introduce youself. If you'd like to be spanked, ask the top if he'll deal with you. Similarly, if you'd like to deal with another boy, ask him. We are generally a very friendly crowd, and enjoy being approached.

Q. I'm want someone to spank or cane me. Will it hurt?

A. Yes, it probably will - maybe quite a bit at first - though most people find it can become rather pleasant after a while. Most "tops" will start off gradually, and slowly build up the intensity until they reach the level that is right for you. Unlike when corporal punishment was used for real, the spankee can always ask the "top" to stop or ease off. One of the advantages of a group like this is that there are always other people around, keeping a discrete eye on things, so you can be sure that no-one will ever force you to do anything you want.

Q. What sort of people come along to the meetings?

A. It does vary, but at a typical meeting we would expect 30 to 40 guys from all walks of life. We cater for all ages from 18 upwards. The majority of members are probably in their 40s and 50s, but there are usually some younger and quite a few older. We have members in all sorts of profesions. There is usually a good mix of "tops" (Spankers) and "bottoms" (Spankees), plus some who enjoy the best of both worlds ("Switches").

Q. Is there a dress code?

A. No. Most of our members just come along in casual clothes (Jeans/T-shirt etc). You may also see some members in School Uniform, Military, Leather, Sports or fetish wear. However we are a male-only group. Dressing in female attire would not be appropriate.

Q. I will be traveling a long way. Is there anywhere I can stay overnight?

A. There are plenty of hotels nearby, from "cheap and cheerful" to 5-star luxury. A quick google search should find plenty. Be aware though that availability may fall and prices rise if there is a major football match or music concert that weekend, so try and book early

Q. Do I need to become an Eagle Bar Member?

A. For legal reasons, everyone visiting the club should take out a membership. This can be done online or on entry to the club, and is free of charge. Your details will be kept private and not used to contact you unless you opt-in.

Q. How can I find out more?

A. The best thing to do is to come along to one of our meetings. You are welcome to have a look around. If you like what you see, you are welcome to join in the action, but if not, that's fine. Other pages on our website contain details of our mailing list, and email and telephone contact details if you have any other questions.